Wedding photography is one of the key elements of wedding planning. You and your love already have spent a lot of time, energy as well as money to choose the best for your big day. You may pick the famous wedding photographer out there. But how do you ensure that you get the perfect wedding photos working with him. Here are a few tips.

Start Early

Start your special day early. You will be settled and more relaxed, you will have a lot of fun, and it will accommodate any schedule problems that may come up. The earlier that you’re dressed up and get ready, the more pictures can be shot. There’s a big variance in the number of pictures that you will get between those who start photo session early and those that plan with just a minimal amount of time.

Consider Light

To get the most from your wedding photos, make time for couple pictures within the hour just before sunset as it provides beautiful, warm, and perfect light. Usually, the optimum time to plan this is between your ceremony and your wedding reception entrance. On the other hand, planning your portraits around midday is hard for your wedding photographer to produce stunning imagery. Harsh sun at noon produces heavy shadows which is unfavorable for perfect wedding photos.

Engagement Session

Other than getting wonderful engagement photographs, an engagement session can create a bond between you and your photographer. He/she gets an opportunity to see your character and personality and how you actually react while taking photos. Consider engagement sessions as a practice for your big event. If you are not able to have an engagement session or just don’t want to have one, it’s highly recommended that the both of you meet your photographer in person to get familiar – maybe you can have dinner time together. The more you understand your photographer, the more comfortable you will be during the marriage.

Smile and Laugh

Stress and tight plans could make the wedding day not as enjoyable as its imagined. But smiling is something you can use to cover that tiredness. Having everybody at your wedding in high tones will yield more photos and importantly better photos. Laughter is truly contagious, and it creates the very best smiles. Keep your special day as light-hearted as you possibly can. Put around you those who unveil the best in you, those who make you smile and laugh.

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